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  • C&D Inc. is dedicated to adding value to supply chain.

    Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock Code: 600153.SH

    Real Estate Development

    Vision: To become China’s outstanding real-estate operator

    Operating unit: C&D Real Estate Corp., Ltd. and Lianfa Group Co., Ltd.

    Development areas: Real-estate development is in progress in over 60 cities of China at present, forming a preliminary national strategic layout.

    C&D Real Estate Corp., Ltd.

    C&D Inc. holds 54.65% of equities.

    C&D Real Estate holds Level 1 qualifications as a real estate developer; it has consistently ranked among Top 50 of China Real Estate Developers and among China’s Top 10 Comprehensive Developers of Real Estate.

    Under its brand philosophy of “building diamond-class life”, C&D Real Estate operates in more than 60 cities in six major regions across China. It focuses on six major business sectors: real estate development, urban renewal and renovation, property management, business management, construction operations as an agent, and related industry investment.

    As the capital operation platform of C&D real estate, its holding company C&D international (stock code: 01908.HK) and C&D Property Management (stock code: 02156.HK) integrates domestic and foreign resources and is committed to becoming a "comprehensive investment service provider of real estate development and real estate industry chain".

    In recent years, C&D Real Estate, in the capacity of “Craftsman of New Chinese Lifestyle”, proposed a new brand concept to “Build, Understand, Discover and Deliver Oriental Beauty”.

    Lianfa Group Co., Ltd.

    C&D Inc. holds 95% of equities.

    Lianfa Group Co., Ltd. was founded in October 1983 for the mission of developing Xiamen Special Economic Zone. With registered capital of RMB 2.1 billion and total assets of more than RMB 100 billion, Lianfa has ranked among China’s top 100 real estate developers for 15 years in a row. Holding Level 1 qualifications for real estate development, the Company operates in 24 Chinese cities and its real estate development has exceeded 21 million square meters. It currently holds land reserves of more than 10 million square meters.

    Focused on real estate as its main business, Lianfa builds forward-looking modernized aesthetic residence products through three major lines of business. At the same time, it creates a full life-cycle service system to build communities defined by warmth and a strong sense of happiness for more than 450,000 homeowners. Lianfa’s business map also covers many supporting areas of real estate development, including property management, construction operations as an agent, urban renewal, and industry operations. Lianfa remains committed to its mission of “creating quality life and serving city development”, and strives to build a better future with the cities and homeowners in the new era.

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