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  • C&D Inc. is dedicated to adding value to supply chain.

    Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock Code: 600153.SH

    Industrial Investment

    The industrial investment of C&D Inc. is oriented to promote the development of supply chain business, focusing on the investment related to supply chain business and profitable financial asset investment.

    Sichuan Yongfeng Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.

    C&D Inc. holds 40% of equities

    Production scale, process technology and product quality are on the top level in the national domain of papermaking out of bamboo pulp. It owns domestic leading bamboo pulp production lines, with total investment of approximately 2.2 billion CNY and actual annual production scale of approximately 400 thousand tons. The company, a modernized bamboo pulp manufacturer in the Southwestern area, has its production bases located separately in Muchuan County and Xuyong County, Sichuan Province.

    Xiamen Zijin Tongguan Mining Investment Development Co., Ltd.

    C&D Inc. holds 14% of equities

    Main assets of holding Monterrico Inc. are super-huge type copper molybdenum deposit of White River in Peru, whose copper reserve is approximately 7.41 million tons.

    Xiamen Modern Terminal Co., Ltd.

    C&D Inc. holds 37.5% of equities

    It owns a coastline for quays measuring approximately 913 meters long, terrestrial domain of approximately 500 meters in vertical depth, terrestrial area of 420 thousand square meters for quays where 50 thousand-tonnage ships can be moored. Annual throughput of the quays’ berths for break-bulk cargoes can reach 4.2 million tons, whereas annual capacity for loading automobiles on the roll-roll shipment berths can reach 140 thousand.

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